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  • Bouw je eigen PC

    Build your own PC

    Step 1: Choose your components carefully Select the components you need for your computer, such as the motherboard, memory and video card. Note: Coolgods does not sell processors. Do thorough...

    Ralph van Essen |

  • Ergonomisch kantoor ontwerp

    Ergonomic office design

    Ergonomic office design: Essential for healthy and productive working! At Coolgods.nl we know that a comfortable and efficient working environment is crucial for the well-being of your employees. As a...

    Michael Gijselhart |

  • PC voeding

    PC power supply

    Do you want to buy a computer? Then it is important that it always works properly. For this you need a good diet. The PC power supply ensures that the...

    Ralph van Essen |

  • Game PC samenstellen

    Assemble game PC

    When you buy a PC for gaming, it is very important that everything functions optimally. Your gaming PC consists of several parts with which you can put together your ideal...

    Twan Vonken |

  • Ergonomisch werken

    Work ergonomically

    What is Ergonomics? Ergonomics ensures that people's functioning is promoted. This includes optimizing the workplace and the working environment. In daily life, we mainly look at the following points: lifting...

    Ralph van Essen |

  • Laptop standaard

    Laptop standard

    Laptops are indispensable in the office. They are ideal because you can simply take them with you and therefore work anywhere. However, working with a laptop also brings inconveniences that...

    Michael Gijselhart |

  • Smart home

    Smart home

    Do you want to take the first steps towards a smart home? Then it's time to orientate yourself on the products with which you can best start. If you lay...

    Ralph van Essen |

  • Ergonomische muis

    Ergonomic mouse

    Nowadays, we often spend many hours in front of the computer, both at work and at home. If you sit in the same position for a long time or make...

    Michael Gijselhart |

  • Backup maken

    Back up

    Backing up your computer is a small effort, but many people forget to do this. It may seem like something you probably won't need until the time comes when you...

    Ralph van Essen |

  • Ergonomisch toetsenbord

    Ergonomic keyboard

    Working daily with a computer or laptop can cause complaints in the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck. By using the right equipment with the right settings, you can prevent...

    Ralph van Essen |