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Coolgods: the specialist in computer components and accessories

Every day we use the computer for different purposes: work, play or leisure. Solid computer components and ergonomic products are therefore essential for the optimal performance of your system and yourself. Cool God is part of Bytecom, with over 20 years experience as a supplier of wholesaler and retailer. Our employees are professionals in the field of computer accessories and ergonomic products.

Large assortment of ergonomic products!

A comfortable and healthy workplace increase your job satisfaction and prevent health problems. Coolgods has the right and affordable ergonomic products which have been tested by our team. These products improve the operation of your computer and your attitude behind the desk. We have various ergonomic vertical mouse, split and curved keyboards, wrist rests, armrests, backrests, footrests and monitor support.



Good service. Ordered a headset but it was not in stock so neatly received an email and what else was offered. may agree in close consultation. Very positive about the handling. Jeff

I am very pleased delivered perfect communication within 24 hours this company would definitely recommend to friends and family !! They do what they promise and call back if necessary.


Great shop! Product Inventory was: I was immediately approached the next day and was a replacement was proposed slightly more expensive. Excellent solution and a quick settlement.